Last major release before First Edition in July

The material in OpenIntro Statistics has been extended to match the AP curriculum plus a couple additional topics with today’s releases (Ch 1 + new exercises in Ch 3, 4, 6, and 7). This marks the completion of new sections for the First Edition of the textbook. We’ll be grooming the current text and exercises over the next 3 months to ensure alignment with and fulfillment of the AP curriculum and identify errata (let us know if you find any!). Then we will go to press for the First Edition in July.

We are also developing a new website — “2.0” — with a new look and expanded utilities. These features will also be released in (late) July. Meenal, our team’s graphic designer, has been developing the layout of the new website, setting the bar high for the visual appeal and layout of the site, and we are working hard on the back-end programming. We will be rolling out lite public versions of these components in July, and we are recruiting teachers who would like to trial additional features of the site this fall in their courses (teachers, please contact us if this might be of interest to you).


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