New sections, exercises, solutions, and online resources

Today’s release includes textbook sections, end of chapter exercises, and the initial posting of a new series of online tools.

Chapters 2 and 6 gained new material. New subsections in 2.5 introduce linear combinations of random variables. Often times we model random variables as the sum or linear combination of other random variables, and these subsections describe how we characterize the properties of these combinations. Section 6.3 was also released, and it describes small sample inference using simulation and exact methods for a single proportion.

New exercises have been added to Chapter 2, nearly doubling the number originally available in the Preliminary Edition of the textbook. Several exercises have also been updated.

Solutions to odd-numbered exercises to Chapters 1 and 2 have been posted on the Downloads page. We will continue to release the solutions to odd-numbered exercises for later chapters throughout February.

The backbone of a Question Bank and Quiz Utility have been constructed. While the number of questions available is currently limited, the current tools offer a taste of the capabilities that will be rolled out over the next many months. We encourage instructors interested in testing beta components of the system to contact us. Use of the online components is free and can be used in conjunction with other textbooks.


2 comments so far

  1. AB CD on

    I was just curious when you all were planning on fully developing the online quiz utility. Thanks!

  2. David Diez on

    We are formalizing the quiz system and expect these developments to be complete in late July when we release the First Edition of the textbook. Additional website features will also be ready in a beta version this summer, and instructors interested in using these new features in a Fall 2011 course can contact us directly to take part in the testing.

    Thanks for your inquiry!

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