Updated exercises for the new year

December was marked with more expansions made in the problem sets available and by some behind the scenes work on the website.

Chapters 5 and 7 were each expanded to include problems for new sections written since the publication of the Preliminary Edition. The chi-square sections now have many excellent questions available, as does the section on inference for regression.

We also hope to release some new website tools in February. These resources should be useful to folks using OpenIntro: Statistics and other folks who would like some additional online resources but use other textbooks. While this work has been ongoing since early December, we will hold off until February to say much more — feel free to make guesses in the comments about what will be released!


4 comments so far

  1. ab on

    How can we obtain answers to the problem sets to check our work?

  2. David Diez on

    Thanks much for your question. We will post solutions to odd-numbered questions for the first couple chapters this week and follow up with additional chapters in the following weeks.

  3. Mike on

    What about the evens and other questions?

  4. Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel on

    Hi Mike, solutions to all end of chapter exercises are available to instructors. In order to request them, please send me an email (see this page). To help speed the process along, please email from a university email address and provide a link to a university page showing that this email address is indeed associated with an instructor. A couple places to look for such a page include a department’s faculty/staff page or the course page where students register.

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